Café Hoffmann

Café Hoffmann

Josef Hoffmann’s influence on contemporary design and architecture will be presented in the temporary gallery Café Hoffmann in a programme that reflects the versatility of the architect and designer, who came from Brtnice in the Vysočina Region and rose to fame in Vienna. Hoffmann (1870-1956) is known in Belgium as a leading figure of the Art Deco style and the author of the famous Palais Stoclet in Brussels. In the historic centre of the Belgian capital, Café Hoffmann brings a fresh take on Josef Hoffmann’s “absolute work” – workshops, lectures, screenings, and an exhibition present, over the course of 6 weeks, the architect’s revolutionary thinking on ornament; but also bring work of young talents and introduce the idea of sustainable designto the youngest generation.

21/9 — 29/10/2023

Café Hoffmann Pop–Up

 37a rue des Bouchers / Beenhouwerstraat 37a, Brussels

„The minimalistic yet distinctive custom-designed interior of Café Hoffmann reflects Hoffmann’s essential creative principles of reduction of form and colour. The functional furnishings of the space also serve as a medium for historical information on Hoffmann’s work in the territory of present-day Czechia and Slovakia. Visitors of Café Hoffmann will learn about Hoffmann’s work connected to this territory throughphotographs, illustrations, archival materials and texts. These include not only the numerous architectural projects Hoffmann completed in Czechia and Slovakia throughout his career, but also designs for applied art objects. These designs were commissioned by companies which are still in business today. The living legacy of this pioneer of modern design and architecture is complemented by some works by contemporary designers reflecting on Hoffmann.“  (Adam Štěch, curator)

Year: 2023
Concept: OKOLO
Curator: Adam Štěch
Graphic design and Installation: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera, Adam Blažek
Client: Czech Centre Brussels