Eau de PÁR

Eau de PÁR

Eau de PÁR Negroni and Kodama are unisex fragrances in the concentration eau de parfum producet by PÁR Sneakers & Stuff. They were created in cooperation with Czech studio Scent Roche, the perfume bottle was designed by Jakub Pollág from zeitgeist.limited.

“More than the scent of individual essences, the key to their combination was for us the atmosphere we wanted to capture, a kind of visual idea of a specific moment or experience in a certain place,” says one of the PÁR founders, Jan Kloss.

Negroni with the earthy bitter-sweet tones of vetiver and bitter orange expresses the energy of the evening in a vibrant city, human encounters, but also the sunset somewhere on a cliff. Kodama with the mysterious combination of musk, oud, citrus and salt refers to a fresh morning in an ancient forest in a remote island country. We can reveal that the personal inspirations were specific places in Milan and Japan.

The spray bottle in the form of a massive object made of hand-blown glass was designed to have its own distinctive place in the interior. The specific blown inner volume of the container determines the amount of the perfumed water. The bottle can also be used after the perfume has been used up (we are preparing a refill service). Made in Czech Republic.

Perfumer: Kateřina Šantrochová (Scent Roche)
Bottle design: Jakub Pollág (zeitgeist.limited)
Graphic design: Jan Kloss
Packaging: Studio Činčera, Jan Kloss
Photo & Styling: Radek Úlehla, Jan Kloss
Client: PÁR