Homage to Detail

Homage to Detail

The exhibition presents archive of modernist architecture photos, taken by OKOLO member Adam Štěch during the last 10 years all around the world.

For the exhibition Homage to Detail: Custom-designed Elements in Modernist Interiors and Architecture OKOLO has selected hundreds of photos from the archive and presents them as an atlas of architectural and interior details, which were created by architects as part of the overall design concepts of the buildings. Lighting, seating, storages, tables, handrails, doors, windows and other decorative or functional elements celebrate the modernist idea of total work of art, so called Gesamtkunstwerk, and tell stories about the versatile skills of modernist architects, creating everything from the structural solutions of the building to the very last details, such as doors or built-in furniture.

The installation was conceived as a long table with hundreds of photos resembling archive of files or “analog Instagram”.

UM Gallery (UMPRUM)
Náměstí Jana Palacha 80, Praha 1
5/1/2018 – 17/2/2018

Year: 2017
Concept: Adam Štěch (OKOLO)
Installation: Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch (OKOLO)
Graphic design: Matěj Činčera & Jan Kloss
Photo of the installation: Jan Kloss & Matěj Činčera
Supported by: Master&Master
Client: OKOLO