Michal Bačák

Michal Bačák

Visual identity for illustrator Michal Bačák.

„A keen observer and a humorous narrator. Thus, perhaps, we can briefly describe the creative approach of the illustrator Michal Bačák, whose drawings transform our world into a poetic poem full of light humor, traditional symbolism and intelligent creative excitement.” (Adam Štěch)

Bačák contributes to reputable magazines  with his illustrations, or cooperates with leading Czech designers and brands. He also often applies his illustrations to the surface of used objects, including the porcelain for the Křehký brand or on the walls of some interiors. Lately he was awarded with Elle Deco International Design Award and Czech Grand Design Award.

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Year: 2019
Design: Jan Kloss & Matěj Činčera
Client: Michal Bačák