Milimu Designblok 2018

Milimu Designblok 2018

“What day is it?”
“My favorite day.”

Main theme of the Designblok 2018 is celebration. So we are celebrating too – birth of a new day.

Milimu is an accessories brand focusing on the production of women’s handbags, clutches, purses and wallets, as well as men’s bags, wallets and other design products for everyday use. It emphasizes original and innovative cut solutions which remain functional, attractive details, first class materials and luxurious design of each piece.

Designblok 2018
Výstaviště Praha Holešovice – Průmyslový palác, Praha
25/10 – 29/10/2018

Year: 2018
Concept: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera
Exhibition design: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera
Photo: Jan Kloss
Client: Milimu