Pietas – Glass Soul

Pietas – Glass Soul

Pietas – Glass Soul. The return of funerary sculpture

The association Glaz Bridge works to draw attention to the situation we now witness not only in the retreat from funeral ritual but equally the decline in funerary art, which has almost vanished in the years after World War II. For this reason, the association is presenting at the current exhibition its first project, a collection of burial urns using as their primary material glass, which until now has remained outside of the attention of creators of funerary sculpture.

For this project, the curator turned to twenty-three artists of different ages and professional experience, whether in glassworking, sculpture, painting, architecture, jewellery arts, or photography. Hence the list of names includes such prominent glass artists as Zdeněk Lhotský, Martin Janecký alongside, for instance, photographer Tono Stano, jewellery artist Jiří Belda, fashion designer Natálie Dufková or painter Antonín Střížek. It was the intention of the project author, Martina Sikorová, to present the most variegated mosaic of approaches to the theme.

18/05 – 17/09/2023
The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
17. listopadu 2, Prague 1

Year: 2023
Curator: Martina Sikorová
Professional guarantor: Sylva Petrová
Exhibition design: Dušan Seidl
Graphic design: Jan Kloss, Matěj Činčera
Photo: UPM
Client: UPM, Glaz Bridge