Repete x Rap

Repete x Rap

A bicycle advertising a music genre?

The two Prague-based brands, Repete and Rap, collaborated creatively on a comprehensive collection of products, led by a unique edition of the Repete Reason bike. 3D stereograms, diary photos, and distinctive typographic elements make up the graphic design of this bike. The joint clothing collection, No Racing Club, includes two jersey options, accompanied by bibs and a vest, as well as casual T-shirts and bidons.

The Repete Reason is a road model made of high-strength Columbus steel, complete with disc brakes and a carbon fork. The bold combination of colors and graphic elements in this special edition bike captures the spirit of both brands. While Repete symbolically pulls Rap’s street fashion out of the city, Rap brings the road bike into the city environment. This model is now available in Repete’s running collection. “The base is our handmade Reason frame, which is then fitted with components according to the desires of the customer. The specificity of the collection is a certain openness. Each customer has the freedom to choose and compile a series of diary photos which will be imprinted permanently onto the frame.” — says co-founder Repete Robin Fišer.

Everything is interconnected by a graphic language that on the one hand refers to the racing aesthetics of the past, but on the other hand slightly ironizes it and puts it in a contemporary context. This is done, for example, through prints in the form of lyrics, in which the authors often ambiguously refer to slogans inherent in their favourite musical genre and at the same time express their relaxed approach to cycling as such. “The 3D stereograms on the colored jersey bring together various concealed images and messages to create complex and uncommon visuals. On the contrary, the black and white jersey has a straightforward design, with clearly shown elements. It is the same on the bike; it’s up to us which path we choose.” — says the author of the graphic design Jan Kloss.

The clothing collection can already be seen in both brands’ stores in Prague, or it is also available on the website. For more information about the Repete Reason road bike, visit

Year: 2021
Design: Jan Kloss
Collaboration: Josef Změlík, Robin Fišer, Mikoláš Voverka
Photo: Pepa Dvořáček
Client: Rap, Repete